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Sorry for the delay from our last episode but we’re back to redeem ourselves with a 2 part episode(sort of). Jamie, Mel, and I get the holidays started right with some wild and crazy Q&A, I got a little music happy as there are alot more songs used than I would normally have, but I love it and I think you all will too! We originally planned on having a 2nd full episode to add on at our Christmas Eve party the next night but that didnt go as well as we anticipated, which you will find out if you listen up. Enjoy!

Shonen Knife- Space Christmas; Mighty Walker Brothers-God Been Good To Me; Junior Wells -Messin’ With The Kid; King Khan-No Regrets; DJ Shadow-Stem; The Youngsters-Christmas In Jail; Kashmere Stage Band- Super Bad; Jack Scott- There’s Trouble Brewing; Index- Shockwave; Eels-Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues; The Sonics- I Don’t Believe In Christmas; Andre Williams- Poor Mr. Santa

This was a hell of a fun time as we were fortunate enough to have a great guest on this one, Carlos The Pharmacist! He answers all our ridiculous questions and adds some really valuable information about the drugs we all love! This one was just too good to end early so we go over 2 hours long! We of course tried some new beers, and they were especially effective. Go listen now!!

music— Black Moth Super Rainbow- Spraypaint; Red Pens- Phase you out; The Brian Jonestown Massacre- Feel So Good; Sly And The Family Stone- Loose Booty; The King Khan & BBQ Show- Treat Me Like A Dog; Dead Skeletons- Om Mani Peme Hung

Jamie and I get caught up on our happenings from the past couple weeks, and then we lose our train of thought(DRUNK) and go onto different tangents. We recover by spending the next hour or so playing “would you rather” HYPERTHETICALS written by Chuck Klosterman. It gets hilarious, disturbing, and rather awkward, ENJOY!

music— The Wedding Present- Corduroy; Buddy Rich- Good News; Archie Bell and the Drells- Tighten Up; The Brian Jonestown Massacre- Who?

Hello again and welcome back for ep 29, where we welcome back a previous guest Eric(Jamies nephew) and we basically just wing it a bit more this time instead of topics and topics and you get the point. We talk awkward moments in history and go in-depth on bathroom etiquette.

music— Buck Owens- Sams Place; Drummer- Mature Fantasy; Male Bonding- Weird Feelings; Dead Skeletons- Get on the Train

We jump right into the swing of things and start a taste test of some of the most historic beers we know. Jamie nearly pukes, I get cancer, and the dogs call 911, well not quite, but it was a touch & go there for awhile. Jamie also gets his emission test and reviews a few shows he saw. I listened as well.

music— Jerry Lee Lewis- What Made Milwaukee Famous; Beck- Beercan; The Queers- I only drink Bud; Grandaddy- AM 180; The Beta Band- Dry the Rain; The Wheelers- Little Bumble Bee

Our fellow american listeners, we promise to always be drunk on the air and never ever talk about our feelings, unless we’re really drunk. That being said, we have a great new episode with plenty of jams to rock out to with your grandma Phyllis and her smelly pet rabbits! Enjoy!

music— Tame Impala- Half full glass of wine; Dave Davies- Creeping Jean; Ramones- I dont wanna grow up; Altyrone Deno Brown- Sweet Pea; Petey Silversteinburg- My ‘ol Shofar

We ARE Chicago, bitches!!

  We ARE Chicago.

 Arguably the most Chicago a Chicago show has ever been.  Basically we own this damn place!

 Well, for as much as two drunks can own something.

 But seriously..we thank the listeners. Our recent numbers for episode 26 are off the fucking chart!   We thank you for liking us. Cuz we don’t even like us.


 Jamie & Jarrad

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Episode 26 is up and it sounds pretty damn good if you ask me, which you didnt but I DONT CARE! Sorry for yelling just now, Im hungover, so there that is. We cover alot of topics, we sampled many brews, we discuss a-hole rich people, raising kids & being broke, what happened to 1/3 of the last show, and RIP Lance Armstrong. Enjoy!

music—The XX- Intro; Michael Liggins- Loaded to the Gills; The Orwells- Southern Comfort; Ty Segall Band- Wave Goodbye

Our 25th didnt turn out to be the milestone we had hoped for but none the less still turned into a pretty funny episode with some always terrific jams. This one takes it easy on you listeners as its much shorter than previous ones but we think you’ll piss your pants out of enjoyment anyway. Enjoy!

Hey, hello, hiya, yo, good day! This post here means we have a new episode, thats why I’m writing this to inform all you wonderful and interesting and introverted people so that you hopefully listen to us! This one went a little long mainly for the fact that we decided to go into the Aurora, CO thing at the end of the podcast. We know we always ramble on and on in our drunken states about nothing(thats our thing), but sometimes we feel the need to rant about serious issues and thats when we tend to lose it…. you decide I guess.

music— Tiger Bear Wolf- Input, Output; The Beach Boys- Vegetables; She Keeps Bees- See Me; 13 Monsters- Adventurous